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Will a default from many years ago affect me even today?

Yes, every default mark you get in your financial journey stays on your credit report forever. Credit Bureaus get month-on-month details about your loan payment from every bank you have aloan with. Your missed payment details are also shared with the credit bureau in case you miss any loan payments. Once you are listed as a defaulter by the credit bureau, the information will remain on your credit report. 

For more on this you may read this article on how long a default stays on your CIBIL report.

You must note that the repayment of every EMI plays a significant role in building your CIBIL score and maintaining a good relationship with the bank. Missing out on a single EMI may create problems in your credit report, further affecting your future loan requests.

Maintaining timely payment of your ongoing EMIs will take you towards a debt-free life, and maintaining your reputation with different lenders/banks is important. Yet, apart from missed EMI, there are other pointers that you should keep in mind.

  • Avoid overutilizing your credit limit
  • Avoid making multiple loan inquiries from different lenders/banks
  • Avoid getting a higher count of unsecured or secured loans. Prefer building a balance between the two