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What is a Home Loan?

Food, shelter and clothing are basic human needs. And house ownership serves one of these intrinsic requirements that we all have. But buying a house is easier said than done. For one, a house costs a lot of money. And there's no point in saving up all your life to own a house. And that's where a home loan comes in handy.

A Home loan is a secured type of a loan. The borrower takes a loan for a home and the lender takes the home as security until the loan is repaid. There are different type of home loans.

Obtaining a home loan can be a frustrating experience. Which bank do you go to ? What's the best rate of interest? Is there a processing fee? Complicated and long forms to fill. At Saral Credit, we believe that taking a home loan should be very simple and hassle free. Just apply on our quick form and leave the rest to our trusted home loan advisors. It's really Saral!

What are the documents required to apply for a home loan?

The documents required for applying for a home loan are identity proof, address proof, income papers and property documents.

A home loan application involves 3 steps: application and approval, sanction, and disbursement. Once you apply for a home loan, your application is reviewed and approved. Then the property and document verification is conducted. Finally, the loan amount is disbursed as per the terms of the loan.

Home Loan Rate Chart

Interest Rate
Interest Rate

6.80% to 7.85%

EMI (Monthly)
EMI (Monthly)

Starts at Rs.652*/Lakh

Processing Fees
Processing Fees

0.1% to 1% of loan amount

Loan Tenure
Loan Tenure

Up to 30 years

Guarantor Requirement
Guarantor Requirement

No Guarantor Required

Pre-Payment Charges
Pre-Payment Charges

Nil (For Floating ROI)

Pre-Closure Charges
Pre-closure Charges

Nil (For Floating ROI)

Loan to Value
Loan to Value

Up to 90% of property value

Type of Home Loans

  • 1. Home Loans for Ready to Move or Resell Properties
  • 2. Loans for Salaried and Self-Employed Individuals
  • 3. Pre-approved Home Loan Offers on Selected Properties

  • 1. Home Loans for Underconstruction Properties
  • 2. Loans for Salaried and Self-Employed Individuals
  • 3. Slabwise Payment & Customized Repayment Options

  • 1. Home Loans for Plot or Land Purchase
  • 2. Loan for Plot Purchase where Individual is planning to build a house
  • 3. Long term loan with customized payment options

  • 1. Home Loans for expansion of home from current area to bigger one
  • 2. Upgrading home to new location
  • 3. Home Loan to built on of extra FSI

  • 1. Home Loan Transfer to other Bank or NBFC for better interest rates
  • 2. Loan Transfer at 0%* Processing Fees
  • 3. Additional Top Up Loan Upto Rs. 50Lakh

  • 1. Home Loan designed to make purchse of bigger home with additional loan amount addition
  • 2. Purchase of Bigger home while current loan is running
  • 3. Additional home loan provided by same bank

  • 1. Home Loans for Repair or Renovation of Current House
  • 2. Tiles, Flooring, Painting, Interior/Exterior work added
  • 3. 90% Cost funding

  • 1. Home Loan with additional top up amount
  • 2. Designed specially to fulfill personal needs such as Home equipements, Furniture, Marriage, Vacation, Etc.
  • 3. Personal Loan is the other option one may opt-in for

Why Choose Saral Credit

Simple Application Process

1. Just fill up a simple form

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2. Customised loan solutions

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1. Priority processing by lender

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