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In order to get your free estimated Credit Health Score, you must have at least one credit card or loan account which has been open for a minimum of 6 months. This is essential to ensure that there is sufficient information to provide a score estimate.

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Why should you know your CIBIL SCORE ?

Interest rates in India are falling. Now, a small reduction in the interest rate on your loan could translate into big savings on your loans. For example, a 1 % reduction on a home loan of 50 lacs over 20 years could mean a saving of over 10 lacs over the loan period! Also, your interest rate is linked to your credit rating or your CIBIL score. Your CIBIL score ranges from 300-900. The higher your CIBIL score, the more credit worthy you are for the lender.

So, everyone who has a good CIBIL score can benefit from low interest rates. For that, the first step is to know your CIBIL score.

Benefits of knowing your CIBIL SCORE

Reduces interest rate
Lower interest rate
Lowers monthly EMI
Quick loan processing
Money saved, is money earned
Higher loan amounts

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