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Debt Relief


Saral Credit helps you to enroll into one of our partner debt relief programs. By subscribing, you can save money at your own pace while our partners negotiate with your creditors. By helping you eliminate your debt in structured manner, a debt relief program ensures that you build your credit worthiness for your future credit needs.

Is it better to settle my overdue debt or pay-off in full?

Commonly, it's always good to pay your over-due debt as much as possible to come with a debt-free life. Such behaviour is considered favourably by lenders while approving a new loan application.

Most lenders let you pay a lesser amount (principle + less interest rate) to settle your loan if its overdue. However, lLenders always put a 'Settled' mark on your credit account. This hurts your chances of approval of new loan applications.

Benefits of DEBT RELIEF

Certified Counsellor
Reduce your EMI Commitments
Analysis of Credit Report
Build your credit
Score Booster Credit Card
Protect from Harassment by collection agents
Quotations from banks
Settle your Debt with the best deal (upto 50% discounts)

Why Choose Saral Credit

Simple Application Process

1. Just fill up a simple form

2. Validate your details

3. Click on Submit button

Experienced Advisors

1. Wide range of options

2. Customised loan solutions

3. Best deal on your loan

Instant Processing

1. Priority processing by lender

2. Timely Feedback on your application