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Personal Loan

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Personal Loan

What is a Personal Loan?

Need money for a holiday, child's education, home renovation or any reason whatsoever ? That's when a personal loan comes in handy. Popular are among most borrowers for the ease of processing and features such as no guarantor, security or end-use monitoring.

There is no point in applying for a personal loan if it takes time to get disbursed. In reality, obtaining a personal loan can be a frustrating experience. Which bank do you go to ? What's the best rate of interest? Is there a processing fee? Complicated and long forms to fill. At Saral Credit, we believe that taking a personal loan should be very simple and hassle free. Just apply on our quick form and leave the rest to our trusted personal loan advisors. It's really Saral!

What are the documents required to apply for a Personal Loan?

A personal loan requires very minimal documentation. Borrowers must submit the following documents:

Minimum annualized percentage rate is 11% and maximum annualized percentage rate is 30% with a flexible repayment period of 12 to 84 months.

Consider a salaried customer avails a Personal Loan of ₹1 Lakh at an interest rate of 14%. The lenders also charge a processing fee, that needs to be paid to get the loan processed and is usually 0-4% of the loan amount. Consider the processing fee to be ₹2250 for a tenure of 60 months. Then, the total interest payable is ₹39,609 and total amount payable is ₹1,41,859. The EMI will be ₹2,326 per month.

Personal Loan Features

Interest Rate
Interest Rate

11% to 30%

Processing Fees
Processing Fees

1% to 4% of loan

Loan Tenure
Loan Tenure

Up to 7 years

Pre-Closure Charges
End-use Tracking

Loan for any purpose

Why Choose Saral Credit

Simple Application Process

1. Just fill up a simple form

2. Validate your details

3. Click on Submit button

Experienced Advisors

1. Wide range of options

2. Customised loan solutions

3. Best deal on your loan

Instant Processing

1. Priority processing by lender

2. Timely Feedback on your application

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