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Dhani (Indiabulls) Personal Loan

Indiabulls Personal Loan Apply Online

Dhani Loans and Services Limited offers personal loans starting at 13.99% p.a. for a loan amount of up to Rs.15 lakhs and loan tenures of up to 2 years or 24 months. Dhani also offers pre-approved instant personal loans to selected customers. They offer various types of personal loans including travel loans, used car loans, two-wheeler loans, medical loans, marriage loans, etc.

Dhani Personal Loan Overview

Loan Amount

Rs.1,000 to Rs.15 lakhs

Repayment Tenure

3 months to 2 years

Interest Rate

13.99% per annum onwards

Processing Fees

Starts at 3%


Salaried or Self-employed

Key Features: Dhani (Indiabulls) Personal Loan

Dhani Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

Indiabulls Dhani offers personal loans to salaried or self-employed individuals. But the NBFC has not clearly stated the minimum cut-offs required for credit score and monthly income.

Dhani loans and services like most of the lenders considered factors like credit score, employer’s profile, EMI/NMI ratio, monthly income, etc. of a personal loan applicant while evaluating their personal loan eligibility parameter.

Dhani Loans and Services Personal Loan Interest Rates, Processing Fees, and Other Charges

The Dhani personal loan interest rate starts at 13.99% p.a. Indiabulls has not disclosed the crucial factors determining the personal loan interest rates offered to its applicants.

Age, CIBIL score, employee income, job profile, loan repayment history, etc. are the general factors borrowers considered by lenders while setting their personal loan interest rates.

Types of Charges


Interest Rate

13.99% p.a. onwards

Processing Charge

3% onwards

Foreclosure or Pre-payment Charges

>6 months- 5%

Late Payment Penalty

3% p.m.

Bounce Charges

Salaried- Rs.400 per bounce

Self-employed- Rs.750 per bounce

Stamp Duty

As per applicable laws

Repayment Mandate or Instrument Swapping Charges

Rs.500 per request

Duplicate NOC

Rs.500 per request

Loan Re-booking Charges


Loan Cancellation Charges


Duplicate Repayment Schedule


Statement of Account


For Example- Pawan avails a personal loan for Rs.5 Lakhs, the interest rate is 13.99% p.a. and the repayment period is 1 year. Calculate EMIs, total interest payable, and the total payable personal loan.

Documents Required for Dhani Personal Loan

The following are the important documents required to apply for a Dhani personal loan:

Frequently Asked Questions for Indiabulls Dhani

1. How long does it take for Dhani’s Personal Loan disbursement?

Dhani personal loan offers instant sanction and disbursal of the personal loan amount into the bank account of the applicants in a few minutes. The loan process is completely digital with less documentation. The NBFCs also offer pre-approved personal loans to existing customers qualifying their income and other eligibility requirements.

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2. Does my personal information remain secure with Dhani?

Yes, the information you feed remains safe with them. They have a secure system in place which keeps all your data away from any harm. They do not share your information with any third party.

3. Where can I apply for Dhani personal loan?

You can easily download the Dhani personal loan application from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

4. Can I foreclose the personal loan availed from Dhani Loans and Services?

Yes, you can make prepayments of personal loans availed from Dhani Loans and Services. No prepayment charges are levied on loan amounts less than Rs.20,000. Pre-payments can be made after 6 months from the date of the loan disbursement and are subject to prepayment charges of 5%.

5. Does Dhani offer personal loans at fixed or floating interest rates?

Dhani (Indiabulls) Loans and Services offer personal loans at fixed rates only.

6. What is the minimum credit score required to avail of Dhani Personal Loans?

Dhani Loans and Services have not stated the cut-off credit score for personal loan applicants/borrowers. Still, credit scores of 750 and above usually increase the chances of availing of personal loans at competative interest rates.

Pros and Cons of Dhani Personal Loan

Following are the pros and cons of availing of a personal loan from Indiabulls Dhani including a review of the users on google playstore.



The App is safe and secure

Poor customer care service

A variety of options are available

Many technical issues

Instant loan disbursement

Less authentic

User-friendly interface


Availability of cashback offers


Dhani Personal Loan App Ratings & Review

The rating given by the users about Dhani App is average on playstore, more than 5 crore users downloaded the Dhani loan and services App, and the review is not so well because customers are not so delighted with their customer care service, you can check the below table.


Playstore Rating



Number of Downloads

5 Crore+


Number of Users Review



Content Rating



App Size

19 MB

Dhani Personal Loan Customer Care Details

Personal Loan Comparison Chart: Dhani Personal Loan with Other Lenders

To get the best offers to meet your current necessities you need to compare all personal loan lenders with the Dhani Personal Loan. Check the below chart for a better comparison between lenders.


Maximum Loan Amount

Interest Rates

Processing Fees (plus taxes)



Starts at 13.99% p.a.

Starts at 3%



15% to 25% p.a.

2% to 5%



16% to 36% p.a.

Up to 2.5%

Loan tap


12% to 25%

Up to 2%


Up to 20 Lakh

starts at 9.9% p.a.

Nil (for loans of Rs.50,000 or above)


Up to Rs.40 Lakhs

10.5% to 21%

Up to Rs4999/-

Axis Bank

Up to Rs.40 Lakhs

10.25% to 21%

1.5% to 2%


Up to Rs.50 Lakhs

10.75% onwards

Up to 2.50%

Tata Capital

Up to Rs.35 Lakhs

Starts at 10.99% p.a.

Up to 2.75%

Bajaj Finserv

Up to 35 Lakhs

Starts at 11% p.a.

Up to 4%

Conclusion- Indiabulls Dhani personal loan provides personal loans to salaried or self-employed individuals at starting interest rate of 13.99% p.a., Borrower can avail of the loan amount up to Rs.15 Lakhs for loan tenure up to 2 years. Users are happy with their interface.

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Users are highly dissatisfied with their customer care service and face technical issues. Ratings and reviews are average on playstore. It is recommended to make comparisons between all lenders and do check all reviews before taking any major decision.

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