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How to Get an Instant loan without documents?

How to Get an Instant loan without documents?

  • By Saral Credit
  • October 15, 2022

Do you need a vacation? Or want to surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift? Or have you recently discovered the perfect price on a phone you've wanted to buy but don't have enough money in your account? Whatever the situation, instant money always comes in handy.

It is usually hard to get an instant loan from a bank within a day or two. This is due to the fact that banks require several weeks to process the loan. In such cases, it is best to opt for an instant loan with no documentation required online.

A little over a decade ago, the idea of an instant loan without documentation seemed unthinkable. Before the digital age, getting a loan itself was a time-consuming and inefficient process involving tons of paperwork. Thankfully, now because of the free market that sits atop our digital infrastructure, the sheer quantity of lenders such as banks, NBFCs, and other instant loan providers has made obtaining a loan much faster and easier.

Even then, submitting all the necessary documentation was a constant source of frustration. Once paperless instant loans were introduced, everything became much easier. You can get a loan from an instant loan provider who will not ask for any written application or documents. All you have to do is visit their online platform to apply for a loan and receive a decision within minutes.

Instant loan without documents

Paperless loans are, as the name suggests, loans that are obtained entirely online without the need to submit any paperwork physically. These types of loans are often called easy or instant loans. Instant loans are short-term loans that you can apply for if you are seeking a simple and convenient source of financing. The process for applying for an instant paperless loan is relatively simple - all you need to do is submit your application online to an instant loan provider. During the application procedure, all terms, such as EMI, tenure, interest, and loan amount, will be clarified. Instant loan providers offer flexible application processes, quick approval, minimal documentation, and good interest rates on loans.

Benefits of an Instant loan

  • Easy-going process – Eliminating documentation simplifies the entire loan procedure. Everything about getting a loan now takes place online, from applying to getting approved to getting paid. You can also check your eligibility instantly without having to wait for a long time till your application gets approved or rejected.


  • Fast processing and loan disbursal - Since every step is done online, this makes the entire process time-saving and efficient. From submitting your information and details to money disbursement, everything takes no more than a few minutes.


  • No physical interaction is required – You can get instant approval on your application after you complete your KYC online. This eliminates the need for you to leave the comfort of your home.


  • Minimal documentation – Instead of submitting a long list of documents and tedious residential and legal credentials checks, instant loan providers do a quick and thorough check of the submitted documents, credit score, and repayment history before sanctioning the loan. You can submit your loan application online by submitting soft copies of your identification and address proof documents along with your completed loan application form.


  • Can be used for any purpose required - The biggest advantage of taking an instant loan is that you can use the money for any purpose. You can use the funds to start a small home-based business, pay your child's semester fees, or even fund remodel your home.


No collateral required - Unsecured Instant loans do not require collateral or security. The main benefit is that you do not have to leverage your assets to secure funds. Instant loan without evaluation of assets helps complete the loan approval process faster. 

Flexible repayment period - An instant loan allows the borrower to select a convenient repayment term. This is a great option for those who wish to make smaller monthly payments and extend the loan's repayment period and those who wish to reduce their payments rapidly and pay off their loans more quickly.

It keeps your information secure - Instant loan providers that use digital lending platforms must undergo strict security testing and adhere to certain security protocols. Thus, the technology ensures that your submitted personal and financial information remains private and protected.


Eligibility criteria for an instant loan


1. Credit score - A credit score is a three-digit number that summarises one's financial behaviour. It ranges between 300 to 850. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to qualify for an instant loan with a low-interest rate. A good credit score is important for obtaining an instant loan without documentation since lenders view it as a sign that you will likely repay the amount within the specified time frame. Some simple strategies to improve your credit score include:

  • Pay your bills on time and avoid carrying any outstanding loans, as this can lower your credit score.
  • Do not fall behind on your EMIs or credit card payments.


2. Debt-to-income ratio - Try to ensure your debt-to-income ratio is 50% or less for instant loan approval. Lower the ratio, the more your repayment abilities are. This makes you a low-risk borrower and helps speed up your loan approval process.


3. Occupation - When an individual works for a reputable company, instant loan providers assume they have a stable job and a steady income. This increases the likelihood of timely loan repayment. Filling in your employment information can help you get your loan approved faster and be charged low-interest rates.


The majority of loan providers offer instant personal loans to both salaried and self-employed individuals.


  1. Age - To be eligible to apply for an instant loan, prospective borrowers must satisfy the age requirements specified by the loan provider. Age restrictions may vary depending on whether you are a salaried employee or self-employed.


Things to keep in mind when applying for an instant loan with no documentation

Applying for an instant loan is a great solution to cover any last-minute expenses. Here is how to apply for a paperless instant loan without lengthy documentation.

  1. Make good use of pre-approved loan offers - Various instant loan providers frequently present pre-approved loan proposals to their existing customers. The borrower is not needed to provide any more documentation. Your present status makes you eligible for the same without other proof required.


Pre-approved loan offers are based on various similar characteristics, such as credit score, income, and payback history. Instant loan providers verify your loan amount and eligibility immediately.


1. Choose a reliable instant loan provider - Loyalty is important when you have a good financial relationship with your lender. Repeat loans are much easier to obtain. Choose an instant loan provider with an easy and straightforward application process and excellent customer service.


2. Look for fast-track instant loan providers – This can help speed up the application and approval process. It also allows borrowers to be in a better position to close and lock in low-interest rates.


3. Look for a loan provider with reasonable interest rates - If you have a good credit score, it is likely that you will be offered a loan with a low-interest rate. This will help you maintain a low overall loan cost.


How to apply for an instant loan without documentation?

Applying for an instant loan online is an easy 3-step process:

  1. Select an instant loan provider and visit their website and click on the apply button.
  2. Provide all the necessary information, such as your name, address, monthly income and employment information.
  3. Upload the basic documents such as ID and address proof for verification. Submit the loan application form.

Once your information is verified, you can get your loan within an hour.

How to apply for an instant loan without proof of income?

  • Consider applying with a guarantor - If you cannot provide proof of income, you can apply with a guarantor. The guarantor must provide proof of income and guarantee repayment of the loan in the event that you default.


  • Maintain a good relationship with the lender - If you have a long-standing relationship with a financial institution, for example, by having a credit card issued by the bank, you can expect to be approved for a loan without having to provide proof of income.

Instant loan approval charges

In addition to the interest rate, instant loans also incur fees such as processing fees, part prepayment fees, inspection fees, and foreclosure fees, among others. Not all instant loan providers charge all of these fees, as it varies from provider to provider.


There are times when many of us come across unanticipated personal expenses for which we may not have sufficient funds. An instant loan may be the best option in such circumstances. These are simple to apply for online, are for shorter terms, and involve swift processing. Applying for a loan with an instant loan provider online allows you to get a loan without the hassle of exhaustive paperwork.

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