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How to Maximize Tax Deductions on Credit Cards?

How to Maximize Tax Deductions on Credit Cards?

  • By Saral Credit
  • June 13, 2022

Everyone requires credit cards at some point in their lives. Those who get involved in the frequent use of credit cards sometimes opt for high-cost purchases. In such a scenario, the card users got a notice from the income tax department. In India, credit cards are popular payment options since they allow users to purchase now and pay afterwards.

Moreover, owning credit cards is very easy since minimum documentation and a fair credit score are required. Users must focus on their spending through credit cards since the IT department monitors every transaction. Once you make any high-value expense through a credit card, you must report it at the time of ITR filing.

Is Personal Credit Card Tax Deductible?

The pre-eminent credit card companies provide access to enrolling bonuses, significant rewards, and the easiest ways to make payments. At the same time, they charge several unwanted fees either for penalizing you or holding the cards.

Holders of credit cards often face paying fees like over-limit fees, foreign transaction fees, annual fees, late fees, and others.  Being an individual credit card user gives you not much advantage from getting tax deductions. However, with the proper steps, many usual fees can be prevented.

Is Business Credit Card Tax Deductible?

If businesses follow taxes properly, they can enjoy multiple opportunities, including a money-back guarantee. All business credit cards are tax-deductible. To get the advantage, you need to track all your business expenses for the entire year and show that all the expenses are made for business purposes only.

There's a high chance of making mistakes while individuals use their credit cards for business purposes and vice-versa. Businesses can deduct 100% of fees from their business credit cards.  

Businesses can make deductions of the transaction fees they have to pay to accept payments from customers. Since these are considered business expenses, merchants can deduct them from taxes. Businesses can also deduct fees that they reimburse to financial institutions, like banking fees, interest costs, cash advances, and other fees.

Since these are part of lawful business activities, they can deduct without facing any difficulty. Businesses are allowed to deduct any charges associated with business operations. It includes monthly fees, annual fees, finance charges, card processing fees, late fees, etc.

Final verdict

Fees associated with credit cards seem quite painful. Although, the good news is that they can enjoy tax deductions also. Credit card deductions are straightforward. While business credit cards can deduct their fees, personal credit cards don’t.

The people make the whole process complicated by combining them into one. Never opt for personal expense deductions accidentally or intentionally since it is illegal. Financial advisors always suggest keeping distinct accounts for both expenses.

You have understood that all types of credit cards bear fees. But, only business credit card users can avoid all types of tax fees related to legal business spending. When you opt to deduct expenses, keep proper accounting of your fees. You never want to cross over the two types of transactions to ruin your benefits. Therefore, considering all the tax benefits, it is highly recommended for businesses to hold business credit cards.