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What is the list of Fake Personal Loan Apps?

What is the list of Fake Personal Loan Apps?

  • By Saral Credit
  • October 22, 2022

FAQ: Fake Personal Loan App List

Do you know that getting a personal loan has become highly convenient with the introduction of numerous mobile applications? However, not many know that all apps are not worthy of use. Numerous fake apps are introduced in the market that is not authorized by RBI and hence is considered scams.

Knowing these apps is crucial and ensures you are not engaging with scammers. Below is the list of mobile applications busted by India's authorities.

  • Raise cash app
  • PP money app
  • Cash fish app
  • Well Kredit app
  • Infinity cash app
  • RAw loan app
  • HD credit app
  • HDB loan app
  • Under Process
  • Cash room app
  • Mobipocket app
  • Cash advance app
  • Cash tree app
  • CB loan app
  • Cash ray app
  • Rupees master app
  • Ruppes land app
  • Kredit marvel app
  • Papa money app
  • Minute cash app
  • Kredit mango app
  • Rupee loan app
  • Cash light app

The simplest way to find such applications is by checking the permission they ask for. Most spam apps ask for unnecessary permissions that result in malicious activities.

It's important to note that the list of spam/fake personal loan are not limited to the above-given list. There could be more We will try and update the list as we get more information.


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